Bird Nets

Blue-Bellied-Roller-birdBirds, although beautiful and interesting to watch, can also be very pesky creatures. They can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to both residential and commercial properties. Examples of the damage that birds can cause include sign, awning, and crop destruction. Bird droppings can also pose both health and safety hazards to those who are exposed to such conditions. For these reasons, many people have turned to the use of bird netting. Bird nets help to keep pesky birds out of areas you do not want them in.

There are many different companies across the world who provide bird netting to consumers. Depending on the company, the netting may be made from plastic, fiberglass, mesh, or another suitable material. This netting can be installed into any space by professional installers. It can also be installed on both residential and commercial properties.

Ants and Spiders

Unless you reside on a remote, inhospitable island or in Antarctica, chances are you have ants and spiders sharing your residence with you. Most of these insects are relatively harmless and go unnoticed by us as they harmoniously live out their insignificant lives. Some can become a nuisance, jeopardize your health, and damage your property and must be professionally exterminated. One of the most destructive insect is a Black Carpenter ant. One of the most dangerous is a Brown Recluse spider.

A Black Carpenter ant is the most common type of ant found in the home. Similar to a termite, a Carpenter ant is attracted to dead, decaying and moist wood. A faulty gutter, leaking roof, or poor drainage around the perimeter of a home can be an open invitation to these pests. While it will not consume the wood for food, it will cause major damage to wood by creating tunnels within their nesting areas.

Pest Control

When we think of pest control, all we know is that we do not want to take that burden on ourselves. Hiring someone else to handle our pest problem is the best option. The truth is, although there are ‘remedies’ on the market to control pests, chances are it will not solve our problem completely. However, hiring the Pest control gold coast to eliminate these creatures is our best option in ridding ourselves of these annoying critters and bugs.

The first thing that a pest control company will do is find out what kind of rodent or bug is causing your problems. Once they have determined that, they will be able to provide you with the pest control services necessary to eliminate your problem.