Working mothers and stress

Child-Development-StagesWith every new era, another set of challenges arises, and today’s times are not any different. Actually, they are tougher and more expensive than ever before, making it is virtually impossible to raise a family on just one income. This means that, to be able to pay all the bills and put food on the table, many women also have to seek employment.

Because of the financial constraints many families are facing today, and a higher rate of divorced or widowed mothers who are not receiving child support, an increasing number of women are forced to juggle both the roles of mother and employee.  Their decision to work whilst bringing up children is not an easy one, but these women often feel they have no other choice.

Building lasting relationship

lasting relationshipMy rationale on the do’s and don’ts of dating has been so important ever since I discovered that the reason why I hoped in and out of relationships was because of poor communication. After my boyfriend of 6 months moved to a different city due to a well paying job opportunity, I realized that the most important ingredient of all is communication which births a strong healthy relationship.

Garden Wedding Ideas and Tips

Garden Wedding IdeasThe words “Garden Wedding” conjure up a beautiful, romantic picture in a bride’s mind, a fairy tale setting for the “I do’s”. Gardens are ideal places for that perfect wedding, and it isn’t hard to pull together.

An outdoor garden wedding can be held in three or four seasons, depending on where you live, or plan to marry. Before setting your date, check the average temperatures and rainy seasons to find the ideal time, weather wise. Have a back-up plan, like a tent rental, in case Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate.

Visit gardens in your area. There are a number of things to look for. First, find out what flowers or other plants will be blooming on your wedding day. Choose a color scheme and flowers that complement what nature provides.

Wedding Photographer

Wedding MemoriesOnce you’ve set a date, and you are working with major things such as location and church, it is necessary to go around and look for a photographer. If you are married in “popular” months, you should all be quick. Think in advance whether your photographer will be there all day or you just want to have a wedding pictures of the two of you. The more time you have, the more critical you can get in your quest.

Relationship With An Older Man

How To Deal With Being In A Relationship With An Older Man

It is actually a very different experience when dating an older guy as compared to a guy who is younger or your age. In recent times, it has become a common phenomenon for women to date much older guys. Sexual curiosity is one of the drives to this phenomenon. Women have this perception that older men have a vast knowledge in sex and what to do right. However, there are relationships that are based upon love. Older guys are usually distinguished and mature and their romance is quite different. Therefore, it is important that you understand the following tips in order for your relationship to work.

The first thing is that you should not try to be someone you are not. Older guys tend to be more perceptive as compared to younger guys. Older guys are able to spot deceit and lies easily thus, if you pretend they will easily catch on. Therefore, for your relationship to flourish you need to be real and yourself.