Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is the process of moving
heat from one extraction device to another via compression and a condensable gas.

Freon gases accomplish this process very easily. Through compression,
the Freon are superheated where they then run through a condenser coil, and
turn into a liquid. The Freon then go through refrigerant lines to an
evaporator coil inside the HVAC unit in the conditioned space (room), where
it hits a metering device to create a rapid pressure drop. As the cooled
liquid goes through the metering device, it evaporates extremely fast, and
becomes very cold. It then runs through the evaporator coil and picks up
heat from the conditioned space (room), returns to the condenser as a
saturated vaporous gas and goes through the compression and condensing
process again.

Air Conditioning

Many factors can play a role in good health, and environment is one of the most important. While controlling external aspects such as temperature and humidity levels are not possible outside, they are inside with an air conditioning system. For many groups of people, having air conditioning can make a life saving difference.

The purpose of an air conditioner is to remove humidity from the air and lower the temperature. By passing the outside air through a filter before bringing it into the house, air conditioners also help to protect from outdoor allergens. Those who are plagued by seasonal allergies are encouraged to remain indoors with the windows shut and the air conditioner running. Doing this can allow those with allergies to breath cleaner air and keep their symptoms at bay.

Save On Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

Air conditioning is one of the biggest energy consumers in your home. Following a few simple tips can reduce your energy bills this summer.

Installing a programmable thermostat allows you to set the temperature lower when you’re home and higher for when you’re not.

Weather-strip your doors and windows and caulk around the places where utility lines enter your home. Sealing the holes that allow cool air to escape ensures that your air conditioner doesn’t work any harder than it should.