Organic Cleaners

There are many simple inexpensive organic cleaners to use in your home for odour removal. My favorite one is baking soda because it not only removes unpleasant odours but cleans at the same time. It is made with pure bicarbonate of soda and is extremely effective. Baking soda works as a buffer to neutralize the substances causing the odour which helps to regulate the ph levels.

You can put some in an open bowl and leave on the kitchen counter, in the bathroom, refrigerator or anywhere odours are a problem. Another great odour remover is white vinegar because it neutralizes odours naturally due to it’s high acidity and disenfects at the same time. You can mix it with water in a spray bottle. It is highly effective for mold removal and can be poured in bowls and left on counters in place of baking soda. Lemon juice is also highly acidic and works well on mold and fungi. This may also be mixed with water in a spray bottle. House plants can help reduce odours and improve the air quality in the home. Citrus sprays are another good tool for odour removal and have all natural ingredients. Charcoal can be used for musty smelling areas. Pet odours can be very difficult to remove. All of the items mentioned will work, but using tee tree oil may be one of the better ways to treat tough pet odours. Tee tree oil may also be mixed with water and sprayed where needed and it works on all types of odours. All of these items are environmentally friendly, free of fragrances, and non toxic.