Plants for Christmas

Christmas-giftWe often give plants and flowers at Christmas, especially to our loved ones knowing they will appreciate it all year round, offering their love and care at all times. But there are some varieties that are more conducive to give as a gift at this time. We can find the inspiration for choosing the right plant to give away in the Christmas spirit. Season plants in pots are a nice touch, but their durability can only be enjoyed for a short time. Instead, we will privilege the plants which can be kept in pots or ground over the years.

Shrubs and trees (fruit or any kind) are a great idea to give at Christmas, and the receivers will enjoy their presence forever. We can choose the preferred tree or shrub of the person, or perhaps a tasty fruit, or even a tree or plant from the area of origin of the honoree, if he or she are from another region.

The potting soil for your plants

Plants in containers need to have soil that retains water and breathes. Potting soil (soil mixtures) are available in various configurations to suit the needs of various plants. Ordinary potting soil is mostly peat-based and suitable for all applications. Still, regular watering is necessary when using these substrates, because once when plants are completely dry, it is difficult to re-moisten. Different soil types can be mixed as plants specific power requirements. Ordinary soil: Most soil types that are generally available in garden centers are based on peat with added fertilizer. These species need regular watering, but they can also become saturated in wet weather.