Queensland-travelQueensland is the second largest state in area in Australia and is surrounded by rainforest, lush farmland, endless golden beaches and the Great Barrier Reef.

It’s easy to spend several weeks exploring the sites of Queensland, however a seven day excursion is enough to probe the vast highlights this glorious place has to offer.

Planning a trip to Brisbane for a few days is pretty affordable if you plan it out in advance. You can find Brisbane hotels for a good price online. If you are planning on taking more time off, go to Cairns and walk along the Cairns Esplanade. To learn about the Aboriginal culture and history head to Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park.

Down Under

intimacyNorthern Territory
The harsh Outback, desolate deserts, and the ancient remnants of prehistoric mountain ranges characterize much of Australia’s Northern Territory. Almost the entire population of this sparsely settled wilderness lives in a string of towns along the central highway that winds its way across the dry interior from Darwin to Adelaide. Foreign visitors and aboriginal peoples alike flock to Ayer’s Rock, a lone sandstone mountain that has endured for centuries as the rest of its range eroded away. Tread lightly here, for it is sacred to the native people of the area.

South Australia
Out of all of Australia’s states and territories, South Australia is the only one that actually began as a planned colony rather than a convict settlement. The northern portion of the state is quite inhospitable, with vast dry lakes and arid, mountainous terrain dominating. The southern areas have a more comfortable Mediterranean climate, so this is where most of the residents live. The coastal region is well suited for agriculture and is home to many wineries in the Barossa valley and other areas.