Personalized Rubber Bracelets

Back when my husband and I were dating, we were poor college students, but still very much in love. Of course, material possessions weren’t extremely important to me at the time, so it didn’t matter that he didn’t have money to buy an engagement ring for me. However, this was difficult for my husband to accept. He told me he loved me and he never wanted to lose me. I told him I felt the same way.

It is made of paper, also

Did you know that rubber bracelets are also available in paper? If you need a large number of wristbands for an event, you might not have room in your budget for dozens of silicone bracelets, but you can instead choose paper and get the number you want at the price you can afford.

Paper wristbands, also called Tyvek, are not simple strips of paper. These bracelets are specially coated with Tyvek from the DuPont company to make them water resistant. You might have seen these types of wristbands given to people at water parks instead of tickets. A paper bracelet is a quick means of verifying those who have and have not paid their admission. These are some of the most popular options for controlling crowds at an event.