Water Softener

What a Water Softener Can Do For You?

You are likely to have hard water coming into your home. Wondering if you need a water softener – the answer is “Yes!” And perhaps take it from professionals, like water softener San Antonio.

A water softening system provides benefits in use and life of your household appliances. Mineral deposits from hard water use can shorten the life of and decrease the efficiency of any appliance using water in its function, such as: coffee makers, ice makers, hot water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines.

How To Install A Water Softener

Hard water can be harmful to appliances and plumbing fixtures. Short of moving, the only solution is a water softener. A water softener San Antonio can be installed by the homeowner. Determine what size softener is needed by the number of gallons used per day. Softeners come in different sizes.

Water softeners should be located in a dry, flat area that is not exposed to freezing temperatures. The softener needs to be located close to an electrical outlet. Shut off the main water line and drain the household plumbing system. Turn on all faucets including outdoor ones to drain the system. The system has to be properly drained to sweat or solder the fittings. Turn off the power to the water heater if it is gas turn the control to pilot.

What is Hard Water?

Have you ever washed your hands in an unfamiliar place and noticed there are very few suds for the amount of soap on your hand? The reason for is hard water. This water contains a high mineral content in comparison to soft water. It contains high concentrations of magnesium and calcium.

While hard water will generally not be detrimental to your health, it is useful to understand what this type of water can do. For industrial settings where water is used, companies and corporations monitor the levels of hardness in their water to prevent expensive breakdowns in cooling towers, boilers and other equipment using water.